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Acer's Top 3 Kernels of Gardening Information

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Many of us are beginning our gardens as we transition to self-sustainable food sourcing. Below is a count-down of our top three kernels of information to help our readers have the best growing season!



A plant dome can help keep the bugs out while increasing humidity and encouraging each plant’s growth. Although some gardeners say they are not necessary to use, the domes can help with the first few weeks of growth. We have had success with domes as they truly concentrate the heat and moisture around our sprouts.



It is basic knowledge to position plants next to the window so they can soak up the sun. However, on bright and sunny days, we bring our seedlings outside and let them bask in the powerful rays. Direct sunlight is ideal for vegetable growth, and until the plants can be transferred to the ground garden (also referred to as an “Earth Bed”), any opportunity to bring them direct sunlight must be taken. This helps the plants build resistance to the sun so that they do not burn when they are transferred to being outside full-time.



ACER is a ventilation company so of course our top spot goes to ventilation. It is critical to provide quality air to encourage pollination, to keep bugs away, and to circulate oxygen and carbon dioxide. Ventilation is critical for greenhouses and any indoor plant growth. The VES branded moisture resistant basket fans and aluminum shutter fans are perfect for these applications. Come back to our blog next week as we dive deeper into this topic!






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