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VES Moisture Resistant Ceiling Fans

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This month, we are exploring the various models of ceiling fans VES offers.

The first model is the Moisture Resistant series which is available in 56” and 60” diameters in both white and matte black color variations. The 18” downrod length enables the fan for use in commercial and industrial settings with ceiling heights of 15’ or more. Each fan is equipped with 24” inches of extra lead wiring for easier adaptation to longer downrods. The moisture resistant fan can be used indoors and outdoors when covered. Using a fan year-round is possible with the forward/reverse movement direction selection. This is a great feature each fan is equipped with, especially for dynamic environments such as warehouses, retail spaces, garages, and loading docks. The lubricated bearings in the completely sealed motor allow the continuous use without compromising performance.

This model series requires a hardwire connection by a certified electrician. VES offers a range of wall mount controls which can dictate the speed and/or direction of the connected fans. The controls vary in amperage and the quantity of VES ceiling fans it can connect with. The 2.5amp control connects with up to two VES ceiling fans. The 5amp control connects with up to five VES ceiling fans. The 5amp forward/reverse control has a forward/reverse switch and connects with up to five VES ceiling fans. The 10amp control connects with up to ten VES ceiling fans.  

In conclusion, each fan is created with durable and reliable parts to ensure their versatile performance in garages, warehouses, residential, commercial, and industrial environments.


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