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VES’s plug and play high velocity basket fan is the leading customizable and direct ventilation basket fan for a greenhouse, shed, garage, or workshop. This model performs especially well in greenhouses due to the quality materials used to construct each fan as well as the movement customization capabilities.

The high velocity fan is constructed with high-grade materials to ensure reliable, long-lasting performance. The motor seal, switch, and wiring connections have moisture resistant rubber gaskets to keep debris and water out of the motor. The permanently lubricated ball bearings with thermal overload protection support the electrical integrity and general longevity of the fan. Overall, the moisture resistant materials allow the basket fan to be used in high-humidity environments for several years.

The movement customization capabilities of VES’s basket fan is impressive. The adjustable mounting bar enables each user to mount the fan according to the demands of the environment. The two most popular installation methods are the corner and ceiling mounts. With a fan head tilt ability of 105° and the wall mount bracket pivoting up to 140°, the basket can be tilted to accommodate the mounting angles. This wide range of movement directs air movement specifically to the intended areas. Also important to note is the 3 speed motor which allows further customization of the basket fan’s use. As temperatures fluctuate during the day, the fan’s speed can match the variance.

The superior materials and the custom installation methods permit the basket fan to be used in harsh environments such as greenhouses. The fans are built to last and built to perform well with pollination, air circulation, repelling pests, and managing humidity which are key performance areas for a fan in a greenhouse. A VES plug and play, high velocity basket fan will help your plants grow every year.


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