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As discussed in the previous blog post, shutter fans help with pollination, air circulation, repelling pests, and managing humidity in a greenhouse. VES branded shutters and shutter fans excel in achieving these objectives through the outstanding quality, usage, and design of each fan.

Every unit is constructed with high-quality aluminum and steel. The rust proof blades, shutters, and framing are utilized to provide consistent and long-lasting performance. The steel guard on the intake side of the fan complies with OSHA standards and protects the blades from debris. Using high-grade materials separates VES from other brands who use cheap, weak, and overall inferior parts.

The strong tie bar is a key design component for every shutter and shutter fan. The bar maintains the structural integrity of the unit and keeps the shutters positioned correctly. This is critical as the shutters must remain closed at night to keep the warm air inside the greenhouse.

VES shutter fans are available in two models, single phase and 3 speed, to accommodate a broad range of application. Greenhouses in climates which have varying temperatures in a day (i.e. the upper Midwest of the USA) would benefit from the 3-speed model fan. The lower speed can be utilized in the spring or fall or during the early hours in the summer whereas the high speed can be utilized during peak hours and temperatures. The single-phase model is best for climates with consistently high temperatures. Both models are connected to a 9’ power cord which means an electrician is not needed for installation. The diverse temperatures and climates each model can be used in demonstrates VES’s superior quality of materials used as well as the accommodating design of both models.

The shutter and shutter fan are designed to ventilate a greenhouse together. We suggest using a shutter and a shutter fan at opposite ends of the greenhouse as the resulting ventilation is astounding. We also recommend a 2:1 inlet to outlet ratio to maximize the amount and usage of fresh air.

VES branded shutters and shutter fans help plants grow in a greenhouse because the quality, usage, and design of each fan fosters pollination, air circulation, repels pests, and manages the humidity levels.


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