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Why VES ventilation fans are ESSENTIAL to use in your greenhouse

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Why VES ventilation fans are essential to use in your greenhouse
As we mentioned in the previous blog post, we believe VENTILATION is the most important factor to having a successful growing season. There are four main areas ventilation addresses.  VES branded fans are built to specifically help you address these areas.


  1. Pollination

Although bee pollination is one of the best pollination methods, it can be unachievable in a greenhouse. With the absence of bees, using fans to assist with pollination is a common practice. The breeze assists self-pollinating plants such as tomatoes and helps distribute pollen to the separate reproduction areas of other flowers. VES branded ventilation fans are superior for distributing pollen as the speed of the fans can be adjusted for your specific plants. Fan models are designed with either 3 speed or variable speed control.


  1. Air Circulation

Air circulation is the component every fan should excel with, yet some fans do it better. And VES fans just do it better. With dependable performance and a high rotations per minute count (RPM), these fans efficiently push hot, stuffy, and stale air out of your greenhouse while pulling in fresh, cool air. This is a critical exercise to maintain temperature and air quality in your greenhouse. Not only that, but VES fans help cycle oxygen and carbon dioxide to improve the air content your plants receive.


  1. Repel Pests

The fans in your greenhouse not only help with pollination and air circulation, they help with pest control too! The fast fan speeds push bugs away from the plants while also keeping them dry and cool. Reducing moisture build-up and heat stress diminishes the occurrence of diseases, mold, and rot.


  1. Manage humidity

A ventilation fan promotes the evaporation of water which reduces the amount of humidity in your greenhouse. Managing the humidity level is critical to encourage the growth and development of your plants; especially when temperatures drop at night! VES branded ceiling fans and basket fans are moisture resistant and damp rated to specifically handle humid environments. The shutter fans use high-grade aluminum to ensure the blades are balanced and for the entire unit to remain rust and corrosion free.


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