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Horizontal Air Flow Ceiling/Wall Mount Fan

VES Environmental Solutions

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HAF Basket Fan series gives you great performance, energy efficiency and an air pattern that is designed for heat de-stratification. The OSHA approved guard means the fan can be mounted at any height. The totally enclosed air over motor can be used in greenhouse, harsh agricultural, horticultural and industrial environments. Has a 9´ cord for easy installation with no electrician required.


• Standard OSHA safety guards on intake and exhaust. Open Style guards available upon special order need to be mounted 7´ or higher above ground.
• Polyester powder coated guards for corrosion-resistance.
• Versatile wall and ceiling mount pivots 180 degrees and fan can turn 360˚.
• Well balanced and strong blade design for years of trouble free service.
• Most powerful basket fans in the market today based on size and motor horsepower.
• Designed for optimum air throw and coverage.
• Motors are totally enclosed, high efficiency with sealed ball bearings.
• Variable speed operation with optional speed controls.
• Easy to clean with no corners for dirt or disease build-up.
• Some assembly required.

Motor Features

• Motor is CSA/CSA-US approved
• 50/60 Hz
• Follow Nema standards either 48 or 56 frame
• Rotors have been balanced to reduce noise vibration and prolong life
• Motor enclosures have been machined to < 0.5 mm to reduce rotor shaft play
• Copper Winding
• Bearing Specifications -40˚C to 140˚C
• Capacitor rating 450 vac, 10,000 hours for extended life
• Silicon steel rotors and stators


 Description HP Speed Volt Amp Weight
20" White HAF Fan w/9' Cord 1/10 VAR 115 1.35 28
30" Black HAF Fan 1/2 VAR 115/230 6.35/3.18 50.25
30" Black HAF Fan w/9' Cord 1/2 VAR 115 6.35 50.25



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