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Single Phase Shutter Exhaust Fan

VES Environmental Solutions

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Our Variable Speed Shutter Fan combines our heavy extruded aluminum shutter with our high-performance motor and balanced blade series. Available in 12˝ up to 24˝, the heavy-duty high efficiency motor is designed to work in the harshest environment. The powder-coated intake guard is corrosion resistant, safe and strong. The heavy aluminum blade is quiet, balanced and engineered to move maximum air. The matching designed motor, blade combination makes this fan series very energy efficient. The fans are available with 9´ cord. In order to use at variable speeds, you will have to wire in a variable speed control (not included). 

Product Features:

  • Totally assembled
  • Motor is totally enclosed maintenance free, high efficiency, sealed ball bearings and CSA/CSA-US certified
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum shutter with tie bar to reduce shutter flapping and opening on windy days
  • Safety grill on intake side meets OSHA standards. Fan must be mounted 7’ above ground level on the exhaust side
  • Optional safety grill available for lower mounting options
  • All fans must be installed to a firm mount such as a frame created by 2 x 4 boards. Fan vibration may occur if not installed to a solid frame.

Motor Features:

  • Motor is CSA/CSA-US approved
  • 50/60 hz
  • Rotors have been balanced to reduce noise vibration and prolong life
  • Motor enclosures have been machined to <0.5mm to reduce rotor shaft play
  • Copper Windings
  • Bearing Specs -40˚ C to 140˚ C
  • Capacitor rating 450vac, 10,000 hours for extended life
  • Silicon steel rotors and stators.

Shipping Information 

Shipping within the domestic United States takes 3-5 business days. 


SKU  Description HP Speed Volts Amps RPM Rough Opening
SFV12C 12" Exhaust Shutter Fan 1/10 VAR 115 1.35 1725 12.5x12.5
SFV16C 16" Exhaust Shutter Fan 1/10 VAR 115 1.35 1725 16.5x16.5
SFV2013C 20" Exhaust Shutter Fan 1/3 VAR 115 4.2 1725 20.5x20.5
SFV24C 24" Exhaust Shutter Fan 1/2 VAR 115 4.94 1725 24.5x24.5



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