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18" Outdoor High Velocity Basket Fan, Wall/Ceiling Mount (Black, White)

VES Environmental Solutions

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VES High Velocity 18" Fans are rated #1 with customer satisfaction when it comes to air performance and cooling. Performance: CFM is 6357/5086/4068 (High/Medium/Low). RPM is 1570/1400/1000 (High, Medium, Low). Amps 1.45/1.35/1.27 (High/Medium/Low). Watts 38/34/31 (High/Medium/Low).  

Product Features:
  • Finish: High grade industrial steel construction with powder coat finish for corrosion resistant, aluminum powder coated blades.
  • Motor Specs: 1/10 HP, three speed pull chain, completely sealed and permanently lubricated ball bearings with thermal overload protection, wired 115V with cord attached, CSA/CSA-US approved.
  • Mounting Bracket: Adjustable wall/ceiling mount bracket pivots up to 180  degrees, fan head tilt able to 105 degrees. Assembly: Some assembly required.
  • Applications: Greenhouse, Patio, Garage, House, Deck, Gym, Restaurant, Concession Stand, Industrial, Agricultural. 
Low Pressure Misting Kit
Quickly drop the temperature and humidity of your outdoor space or greenhouse with VES’s low pressure misting kit. Connect to a VES basket fan to optimize cooling reach. The water from your garden hose runs through the UV resistant flexible tubing and is pushed through the 0.3mm nozzles to create a mist. This mist is composed of fine water molecules which evaporate quickly. This means you will not get wet while enjoying your cooler environment.  
Misting Kit includes:
-10 meters (32 feet) of UV resistant tubing
-Tap adaptor to connect to garden hose (1 pc)
-Stainless steel, low pressure nozzles (5 pcs)
-T-type Nozzle connector (6 pcs)
-L-type Nozzle connector (2 pcs)
-10cm (4in) Cable ties (12 pcs)
-Hanging Clip (5 pcs)
-Pipe Clip with nail (10 pcs)
Basket Fan Installation Instructions
  1. Cut four pieces of tubing that are 10” long each
  2. Fully insert the nozzles into the T-type connectors (see Figure 1)
  3. Fully insert the tubing pieces into the T-type connectors to create the misting ring
  4. Attach the misting ring to the fan with the include cable ties
Length of the tubing pieces and the quantity of nozzles used is customizable.
Product Warning
-Disconnect the fan from power while installing the misting kit.
-Purchase includes small parts. Only adults are permitted to use and install the kit.
-Operate the misting kit away from any electrical devices.
-Only use the misting kit with moisture resistant, damp-rated, or wet-rated fans.
Shipping Information 
Shipping within the domestic United States takes 5-7 business days. 
*Open Guard (Non-OSHA Compliant)

 Model Color Speed Open Guard HP Volts Cord
HVW-18M White 3 N 1/10 120 9'
HVW-18MB Black 3 N 1/10 120 9'
HVW-18MB-OG* Black 3 Y 1/10 120 9'



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