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24" High Velocity Basket Fan (White)

VES Environmental Solutions

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Product Features:

• Standard OSHA safety guards on intake and exhaust.
• Polyester powder coated guards for corrosion resistance
• Versatile wall and ceiling mount pivots 180 degrees and fan can turn 360 degrees.
• Motors are totally enclosed, high efficiency with sealed ball bearings.
• Industry leading fan efficiency, up to 26 CFM/Watt.
• Easy to clean with no corners for dirt or disease build-up.
• Optional open guard style available.

Applications: Greenhouse, Patio, Garage, House, Deck, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural.

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SKU  Cord HP Speed Volt AMP RPM Blade Weight lb.
HVB2412 N/A 1/2 VAR 115/230 4.7/2.35 1725 3-Alum 46
HVB2412C 9' Cord 1/2 VAR 115 4.7 1725 3-Alum 46.5



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