60" VES Industrial Ceiling Fan with 18-inch Down Rod for Indoor Use

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Forward/Reverse Options. With today’s high heating and cooling cost you need to find a way to reduce your energy bills and provide an ideal environment for workers. Our Energy Saving Industrial Ceiling Fan Series are the most cost effective way to move large volumes of air in any building that has ceilings exceeding 15 feet. In the winter time, hot air rises and is trapped at the ceiling level. Ceiling fans gently push this hot air down to the floor level where it helps keep the lower level of the building warmer. By recovering the warm air, you lose less heat out through the roof and your heaters turn on less. In turn this saves you money and provides a better environment to keep employees happy. In the summer time, turn the fans on medium to high speed and you create a constant building temperature and a breeze to cool employees, machinery and equipment.



• All models are ideal for factories, warehouses, retail stores and garages 
• Heat de-stratification. 
• Insect control with air velocity over 250 feet per minute. 
• Air curtain for shipping doors 
• Employee, machine and compressor cooling 
• Easy J Hook Installation 

 Can connect with ICFCFR5 Variable Speed Control forward Reverse (Sold Separately).


Over shipping doors to create an air curtain. This reduces the amount of cool air coming into the building in the winter and hot air in the summer.

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SKU  Description Down Rod Volt CFM Amp
INDB604L 60" High Output Fan, Forward/Reverse 18" 120 28,000 .70



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