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VES Variable Speed Ceiling Fan Control, 2.5 Amp

VES Environmental Solutions

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We have a full range of variable speed controls designed for both downdraft and forward/reverse applications. All controls have a minimum speed adjustment so you can set the ideal speed based on your application and ceiling height. Our controls are packaged with knobs, cover plate and hardware to attach to standard electrical boxes. This 2.5 Amp is a single direction variable speed control.

Product Information

  • APPLICATIONS: You can use this control with your VES industrial ceiling fan in your garage, shop, attic or patio. 
  • SPEED: Comes with a variable speed dial that allows for an unlimited amount of speeds to find your ideal cooling and air circulation speed.
  • OUTPUT: This VES controller has a max of 2.5 Amps and 120 volts. It can control up to 2 ceiling fans.
  • INCLUDES: Comes with the face plate, controller, knob and hardware.
  • CONNECTION: This controller has a 2-wire connection. Please verify your ceiling fan wiring prior to ordering.
  • Manufacture Part Number: ICFC2.5 

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