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Plug in Bridge Terminal Connector

Phoenix Contact

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Product Information 

  • Insulated 
  • Pin Spacing: 5.0 mm 
  • The vertical bridge FBS-PV can be used with the STTBS 2,5, STTBS 4, PTTB 2,5, PTTB 4, PTTBS 2,5, QTTCB 1,5 and STTB 2,5/4P
  • The vertical bridge FBS 1,5/S-PV can be used with the PTTB 1,5/S, PT 1,5/S-3L and PT 1,5/S-PE/L/L
  • The FBS–PV PT 2,5–4L vertical bridge can be used with the PT 2,5–4L... terminal blocks
  • SKU: EC1013


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