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3 Speed Exhaust Shutter Fan with LUX Programmable Thermostat

ACER Trading Group

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APPLICATION: This shutter/exhaust fan can help replace your AC unit by cooling and venting your garage, attic, basement, workshop, greenhouse, and chicken coop.

INSTALLATION: Can easily be added to a window opening or opening in the wall. Please refer to the table in the listing’s images to note the size of the rough opening needed. We recommend a 2:1 intake to exhaust ratio (two intake shutters for every one exhaust fan). Pair the fan with the thermostat to optimize cooling. To install the thermostat controller, plug it into the wall outlet, then the fan into the controller. Apply the desired settings (the controller has 5/2 day programming; on/off for Morning, Day, Evening, and Night; and on/off based on a temperature range of 45-90 degrees Fahrenheit).

All fans must be installed to a firm mount such as a frame created by 2 x 4 boards. Fan vibration may occur if not installed to a solid frame.

COOLING: This VES industrial grade shutter fan cools air while removing hot, stuffy, and stale air.

RUST PROOF ALUMINUM SHUTTERS: This shutter fan is made with corrosion resistant aluminum shutters and blades. This provides longevity to the fan and will prevent rust from forming.

COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED: No electrician is required when the fan is plugged into an approved electrical outlet.

OSHA CERTIFIED: The powder-coated guard on the intake side of the fan meets OSHA’s safety requirements.

WARRANTY: 2-year manufacturer’s warranty is included with the purchase.



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